ReactJS Developer Salary in India for Freshers & Experienced

ReactJS is a well-liked JavaScript toolkit for developing user interfaces (UIs). It is extensively used by companies and multinational corporations to develop web and mobile applications. The rising demand for ReactJS engineers' skills has led to an increase in their salaries. In this blog, we'll cover the salary for both Freshers and experienced ReactJS developers in India.
React JS Developer Salary In India

ReactJS is a well-liked JavaScript toolkit for developing user interfaces (UIs). It is extensively used by companies and multinational corporations to develop web and mobile applications. The rising demand for ReactJS engineers’ skills has led to an increase in their salaries. In this blog, we’ll cover the salary for both Freshers and experienced ReactJS developers in India.

Who is a React JS Developer?

A ReactJS developer is an expert in creating user interfaces using the ReactJS library. They are in responsible of designing, building, and managing mobile and web applications utilising ReactJS. They are also responsible for ensuring that the user interface is efficient, fast, and quick-responding.

React.JS Developer Salary India: Based on Location

The ReactJS developer salary in India varies based on the location they work in. Some of the major cities in India where ReactJS developers are in high demand include Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Pune. In these cities, the average salary of a ReactJS developer ranges from INR 5 lakhs per annum for a React JS Fresher salary in India to INR 15 lakhs per annum for an experienced developer.

The salary for React developers, however, may vary depending on the company they work for, the qualifications they have, and their experience.

Location-based salary: It’s important to note that living expenses fluctuate amongst Indian cities. As a result, the React Developer salary in India may differ depending on the company’s location. For instance, a ReactJS engineer may earn more in Bangalore or Mumbai than in a smaller city.

Experience-based salary: As a ReactJS developer develops more expertise, their salary will probably rise. Companies are willing to pay more for the expertise of experienced ReactJS developers due to the increasing demand for their services.

Skills-based salary: ReactJS engineers with in-demand skills like Redux, GraphQL, and TypeScript are likely to make more money than those without these abilities.

Additional benefits: Apart from the salary,companies may offer benefits including health insurance, performance-based bonuses and paid time off.The aforementioned benefits may result in a significant boost in the overall compensation for a ReactJS developer.

Freelance work:ReactJS engineers also have the choice to work independently, setting their own schedules and priorities. Freelancing might be a fruitful option for experienced ReactJS developers who want more flexibility over their work and schedule.

React.JS Developer Salary in India: Based on Experience & Skills

The ReactJS developer salary in India can differbased on their level of competence and expertise. The average salary of a React.JS developer in India ranges from INR 3 lakh to INR 5 lakh per year as a fresher. However, with experience, the salary may increase to INR 15 lakhs or more annually.

The React Native developer salary in India might vary depending on a number of factors, including geography, qualifications, expertise, and job responsibilities. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a React Native developer in India is approximately ₹ 6,50,000 annually.

The following are some of the competencies that can assist a ReactJS developer earn a greater salary:

ReactJS: A ReactJS developer should be knowledgeable with the ReactJS library and have experience creating both mobile and web applications using the ReactJS framework.

JavaScript: As JavaScript is the main language used with ReactJS, having a solid understanding of it is crucial for developers working with ReactJS.

HTML/CSS: Since HTML/CSS is used to construct the user interface, a ReactJS developer should be well-versed in it.

Redux: A good knowledge of Redux is an added advantage as it is a popular library used with ReactJS.

Node.js: Knowledge of Node.js can help a ReactJS developer in building scalable and efficient web applications.

React.JS Developer Salary In India: Based On Recruiters

The salary of a ReactJS developer in India may also vary based on the recruiter or company they work for. Some of the top companies that hire ReactJS developers in India include TCS, Wipro, Infosys, Capgemini, HCL Technologies, and Accenture.

React JS jobs salary at various businesses vary depending on their job title, level of expertise, and talents. However, on average, the salary of a ReactJS developer in these companies ranges from INR 4 lakhs to INR 15 lakhs per annum.

The following other factors could affect the React salary in India:

Organisation Size: The salary of a ReactJS developer may vary depending on the size of the organisation. In comparison to small businesses, large businesses may offer greater benefits for employees.

Education and Certifications: These factors have a big impact on how much a ReactJS developer makes. A better salary may be possible for those who have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or a related discipline coupled with the necessary certifications.

Full-time vs. Freelance: Compared to full-time workers, freelance ReactJS engineers may make more money per hour. However, developers who work full-time might benefit from extra perks and job security.

Remote vs. Onsite: The salary of a ReactJS developer may vary based on whether they work remotely or onsite. Remote developers may earn a higher salary due to lower overhead costs for the employer.

Industry demand:Different industries have different levels of demand for ReactJS developers. Compared to other businesses, some offer a greater wage package, including E-Commerce, Finance,Healthcare, etc.

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ReactJS Developer Salary In India: Based On Roles

The React JS salary in India may also vary based on the job role they hold. Some of the common job roles for ReactJS developers in India include:

Frontend Developer: A frontend developer is responsible for designing and building the user interface using ReactJS, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Between INR 3 lakh and INR 10 lakh is the average annual salary range for Front-End developers in India.

Full Stack Developer:A full stack developer designs and creates the frontend and backend of a web application or mobile app. Backend technologies like Node.js, ReactJS, and others are something they are proficient in. The average yearly salary of a full stack developer in India is between INR 5 lakhs and INR 15 lakhs.

UI/UX Designer:A UI/UX designer creates the user interface and user experience of a web application or mobile app. They work together with front-end programmers to create a user experience that is straightforward and simple to use. In India, a UI/UX designer can earn between INR 3 lakh and INR 12 lakh annually.

ReactJS Developer: A ReactJS developer is responsible for developing web applications and mobile apps using ReactJS. They work closely with frontend developers and UI/UX designers to ensure that the user interface is responsive and efficient. The average salary of React Developer in India ranges from INR 3 lakhs to INR 15 lakhs per annum.

Team Lead/Manager: A team lead or manager is responsible for leading a team of ReactJS developers and ensuring that the projects are completed on time and within budget. Additionally, they are in charge of connecting with various teams, such as the UI/UX designers and backend developers. The average yearly salary for a manager or team leader in India is from 8 to 20 lakh rupees.

Apart from the high demand and competitive salaries, being a ReactJS developer in India comes with several benefits. These benefits include:

Flexibility: Many organizations offer flexible work arrangements such as work-from-home options, flexible working hours, and remote work options.

Career growth: As ReactJS is a widely-used and versatile technology, developers can find opportunities to work on various projects and industries, providing ample opportunities for career growth.

Creativity: Working as a ReactJS developer allows for creativity and innovation as developers work on designing and implementing user interfaces and user experiences.

Community: The ReactJS developer community in India is large and growing, providing opportunities for networking and collaboration with other professionals in the field.

Learning opportunities: As ReactJS is an open-source technology, developers can access a wealth of learning resources such as documentation, tutorials, and forums.

Future Outlook for ReactJS Developers in India:

The future outlook for ReactJS developers in India is positive. As more businesses and organizations shift towards online platforms and digital transformation, the demand for skilled developers will continue to rise. According to a report by LinkedIn, ReactJS is one of the top skills that companies are looking for in India.

Additionally, with the rise of mobile applications and the increasing use of AI and machine learning technologies, developers with ReactJS skills are expected to remain in high demand. Developers who stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and continue to enhance their skills may be able to secure higher salary packages and career growth opportunities in the future.

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ReactJS developer salaries in India are impacted by the following industry trends:

The salaries of ReactJS developers in India are currently impacted by a number of industry factors. Among these trends are:

Digital transformation: As more businesses turn to digital platforms, there will likely be a greater demand for ReactJS developers, which will lead to higher salaries.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML): As AI and ML technologies are used more frequently across a range of industries, developers with expertise in ReactJS are in high demand and may expect to earn more salaries and receive more perks.

Remote work: As a result of the epidemic, many businesses now provide remote work possibilities. This could change the compensation packages for ReactJS developers because businesses may now adjust their salary ranges according on the developer’s location.

Tips for ReactJS Developers to Increase React Developer Salary:

Here are some tips for ReactJS developers to increase their salary potential:

  • Keep abreast of the newest tools and technologies in the field.
  • Add new programming languages and technologies to your skill set.
  • Create a solid portfolio of work to show prospective employers your abilities.
  • To improve your talents, consider earning certificates or finishing corresponding courses.
  • Attend conferences and events to network with other industry experts.
  • Take into account accepting leadership positions or duties to showcase your expertise and raise your market value.
  • Do research on prospective jobs and negotiate over your compensation and benefits.

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In conclusion, ReactJS development is growing in popularity in India, and there is a significant need for competent ReactJS developers all around the nation. The location, , talents, experience, recruiter, and role are just a few of the variables that affect the income of a ReactJS developer in India. Based on the aforementioned factors, ReactJS Developer Salary in India for Freshers & Experienced can vary greatly.

If you are looking to pursue a career in ReactJS development in India, it is crucial to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and technologies in the field. Moreover, it is recommended to obtain certifications and training from reputed institutes like PROIT Academy in Pune, which offers ReactJS Developer Salary in India for Freshers & Experienced.

PRO IT Academy offers comprehensive training in ReactJS development and ensures that its students are industry-ready by the time they complete their courses. The academy has a team of experienced trainers who have hands-on experience in the field, and the training program includes real-time projects, case studies, and practical assignments.

In conclusion, there is no better time than now if you are passionate about ReactJS development and want to pursue a career in this area. You can have a promising career with a competitive pay as a ReactJS developer in India with the correct training and abilities.

It is crucial to remember that the salaries indicated in this blog are merely estimates, and that actual salaries may change depending on a variety of factors. ReactJS developers should do their own research and bargain their pay in accordance with their qualifications, expertise, and market demand.

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