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Pro IT Academy offers a Python Full Stack Developer Course in Pune for novice and experienced developers who want to become career-ready full stack developers and land a good package job in the IT industry.

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Angular Course in Pune

PROIT ACADEMY is one of the industry-leading project-based Angular training in Pune. We ensure 100% job assurance and assistance as well. This Angular developer training online is designed with all the technology learning’s in-depth, real-time projects, and scenario-based training is also provided.

Expert Trainers

Flexible Batches

Career Assist

Learn Angular from Industry Experts


A popular, well-defined, and powerful front-end framework for creating single-page applications, AngularJS implements well-defined patterns. All of it is written in JavaScript. AngularJS was developed by Google. The project is open-source and is maintained by Google and the community of developers and organizations who are focused on making single-page web applications easier and faster to develop.

ANGULARJS is a Java-based application.

Web applications based on Angular JS have dynamically rewritten web pages to give the user a better user experience. AngularJS based web applications can be defined as applications developed using HTML and JS custom extensions. AngularJS was developed in order to provide an easy way for web developers to work with it.


  • Data Binding –It synchronizes data between views and models at regular intervals.
  • Scope-This class contains objects that interact with the model and act as glue between the controller and the view.
  • Services − It is common to have singleton objects in AngularJS, which are combined as built-in services and are only present once in the application.
  • Filters − An array filter selects items from a subset of the array and returns a new array.
  • Directives −With AngularJS, you can create custom HTML tags, which can be used as widgets, by using directives, which are markers on DOM elements.
  • Templates − Templates provide views of data from the model and controller, and they can be either a single file / an array of files.
  • Routing − The concept of routing can be summed up as switching views.
  • Model View Whatever − A Model, View, and Controller (MVC) design pattern divides a software application into three components. Instead of implementing it in the conventional sense, AngularJS calls it Model View Whatever (Model-View-View-Model) rather than MVVM.

Deep Linking −It allows the developer to encode the state of the application in the URL for it to be bookmarked, following which the application can restore from the URL to the same state.

PRO IT Academy Angular Course Overview

Angular is an open-source framework developed by Google that provides powerful JS capabilities. Single Page Applications (SPAs) are usually developed with it. The open-source, license-free Angular framework has thousands of users around the world. The latest version of the Apache-licensed project is 2.0, and Designers and Developers have the advantage of using the HTML syntax inside Angular.

 PROIT is one of the leading AngularJS Training in Pune. Students interested in front-end development should take our AngularJS classes in Pune. With our AngularJS Classes in Pune, we provide complete training for Web Development with AngularJS. Training is provided by highly experienced and industry-professional trainers who take great pride in delivering the best lessons possible. In one of our AngularJS Classes in Pune, we have a state-of-the-art infrastructure with well-equipped labs. Angular is among the best frameworks currently available and has gained considerable popularity in the last few years. Because web development has been explored so much in the past few decades, it has become a necessity for every business entity; that’s why PROIT has introduced this AngularJS Training course for web developers who wanted to explore and excel in their careers. Each student works on a live project during our AngularJS Classes in Pune. As part of our job placement service, we also provide follow-up support after training. 

For creative front-end development, Angular JS is today’s top front-end technology. The AngularJS technology is renowned as one of the most demanding front-end technologies today. In today’s world, JavaScript is used by more than 80% of all developers.

 As a result, JavaScript is the language of choice for developers around the world. AngularJS is, therefore, the most practical tool to develop web-based applications. In addition, it is the top tech for web-based app development due to its many advantages, advantages, and benefits.

Curricular Plan

Students pursuing an Angular course are taught by building single-page web applications in real-time through real-time projects. Through the projects, students will gain a deeper understanding and implementation of key concepts and principles presented in the course. Angular developers in our team develop our course in accordance with the latest industry standards. Angular training will focus on validating MVC, developing a single web page, dealing with data binding, and setting up dependency injections, among other concepts. The Angular training you receive will enable you to develop single-page web applications in no time and successfully overcome challenges throughout the development process. In addition to developing their corporate know-how and networks, students will also receive professional guidance during the Angular program. In addition to professional training, students are given assistance in securing jobs with well-established firms all over the world at an optimal wage.

Angular Course prerequisites:

To enroll in this course, students must have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and javascript.

According to your educational qualification, we train students with B.E, BTech, and Diploma degrees. Getting placed in a global company like Microsoft will be easy with this program. 

Angular online courses offer these additional benefits:

We offer comprehensive Angular training to provide students with an enhanced understanding of the framework’s complex features. Get a handle on this rapidly growing e-commerce technology and use it to optimize server communication and data binding, automatic synchronization, and more. Numerous firms seek Angular developers for their high performance and versatility in both online and offline work because of their high level of efficiency. With the Angular framework’s popularity increasing, Angular developers will have a wide variety of career opportunities.

You’ll learn the key concepts, tools, and applications of AngularJS through our online AngularJS course. Our training covers the entire technology stack from scratch so that you have a comprehensive understanding of the technology.

  • Angular development jobs are rapidly growing, so we can guide you to learn the right set of skills to earn a reasonable salary in this field.
  • The popularity of Angular across industries has broadened career prospects for individuals. The Angular course also assists students in diversifying their professional network.
  • Students gain confidence from our mock interviews.
  • Upon completion of your coursework, the academy will assist you in securing internships to enrich your industry knowledge.
Why Choose ProIT Academy for Angular Course in Pune

Do you want to learn about developing single-page Web applications? Here is the best platform to do so. Then, join AngularJS Training in Pune at ProIT Academy to master the skills required to build dynamic Single-page and Front-end Web Applications under the mentorship of our real-time professionals. At ProIT Academy, we train complete hands-on with the recent version of Angular 10 and Angular 11.

Students are provided complete freedom to explore the subject and learn from real-life examples provided by our Trainers. Trainers assist candidates in completing their projects and even help them prepare for interviews. Questions can be asked anytime.


  • Over 15 years of experience.
  • In one year, trained more than 2,000 students.
  • Knowledge of both theory and practice.
  • High-level professionals who are certified.
  • Excellent connections with multinational companies’ hiring managers.
  • Knowledge of industry applications at an expert level and fully current.
  • Each trainer has experience working on multiple real-life projects in his/her field.
  • Students of ProIT Academy are provided with a good blend of theory and practice of AngularJS concepts through our blended learning methods.
  • AngularJS Instructors at ProITAcademy trains the students with Industry-relevant skills.
  • Experts in the field of web application development teach AngularJS at ProITAcademy.
  • A ProITAcademy AngularJS Trainer provides practical training to build dynamic websites using single-page applications.
  • ProITAcademy’s AngularJS Trainers upskill the students’ knowledge by teaching them the latest industry-relevant practices.
  • Training on AngularJS with hands-on experience is provided at ProITAcademy by AngularJS Trainers, who give each student the personal attention they need during training.
  • We provide our students with valuable insight about Interview questions and Handling interviews with mock interviews by our AngularJS Trainers, who will assist them with building a professional resume and building their confidence through our AngularJS training program.


AngularJS programming 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7 are taught by working professionals from the industry with deep industry experience and up-to-date expertise. Throughout the past few years, they have trained over 2000+ IT specialists. The trainers do not only have knowledge and experience but also have a great personality and exceptional communication skills that they instil in the trainees too. The expert faculty at ProIT Academy creates and implements each AngularJS course according to the industry’s unique requirements. AngularJS programming is presented as the best way for students to build applications at a fast pace and in the most efficient manner using the curriculum.

Students are primarily trained in interactive classrooms, with a major focus on practical training to enhance their skills using the actual software. With the help of practical lessons, students are prepared to find work as Angular JS experts at a local or multinational corporation upon completion of the course. During the entire course, students are exposed to real-world situations. Students under the mentorship of experts work on real-world projects under the supervision of experts to learn more about how the world works. Online and corporate training is also offered. A 100% placement assistance program is also offered to all trainees. To make the trainees completely ready for any kind of interview to land a job in the top IT firms, ProIT Technologies conducts mock interviews, aptitude training sessions, and soft skill workshops. Through our course, we are able to turn a novice computer user into an expert in AngularJS. We offer very competitive rates on our package.

Course Features

A Real-Time Expert as a Trainer

ProIT Academy offers expert training from industry professionals who are passionate about sharing their Knowledge with Learners. Become a Mentor!

LIVE Project

Obtain a deep understanding of real-world projects by working in them. Demonstrate your expertise & increase the odds of being hired!


Become a ProITAcademy Certified Professional. Be prepared to pass global certification exams. Students from ProITAcademy appear for Global Certifications in 72% of cases and clear them in 100% of cases.

Affordable Fees

Course fees are affordable at ProIT Academy, and you can pay them in Installments. At Affordable Prices, we offer Quality Training.


Ultimate Flexibility is our goal at ProITAcademy. Online or classroom instruction? During the day or at night? What about weekends and holidays? What do you prefer? Do whatever is most convenient for you.

Placement Support

Our tie-ups & MOUs with more than 1,000 small and medium companies can provide you with career advancement opportunities.


You will have lifetime access to every study material that helps give you a thorough understanding of each module.

Loan facility

We provide our students with the option of borrowing money from us.

Why Join ProITAcademy’s AngularJS Course in Pune?

Our AngularJS modules are expertly designed to meet the global industry’s requirements.

An understanding of the components of Angular 9 curated by Industry Experts

Experts in Web Application Development with more than a decade of AngularJS training experience

Our extensive AngularJS training ensures you’re well prepared for Single Page Applications and AngularJS. Join us today and become a technology expert.

 You will be able to pursue an ideal job in the IT sector with a competitive skill set and a competitive salary after graduation, along with the work-based training provided by ProIT Academy. The training specialists will handle everything, including course training that covers both technical and soft skills.

When you finish your training with Pro IT Academy, you will be eligible to apply for our job-oriented placement opportunities. In addition, you will have a week to accept the offer once you have applied and received the offer letter.

We offer classroom courses that are job-oriented at ProIT Academy. We will assist you in developing your skills and knowledge, and we are recognized as the best training institute in Pune, allowing you to create a safe and successful career.

If you enroll and complete one of the job-oriented courses, you will be guaranteed a 100% placement rate. Learn from top-notch companies across various industries through real-life industry projects. You are developing Real-Time Scenarios for Project Implementation. You will receive a 1:1 career counseling session with a hiring manager as well as a mock interview. Our 300+ partners will help you further your career.

Angular Certification

Angular JS Exams & Certification

Online Angular Certification exam for Angular developers. We offer two certification levels: one for Angular beginners and another for Angular developers with more experience. The ProIT academy Certification is recognized by all major global companies, including Apple, Facebook, and Google. Freshers and corporate trainees can get Certification from ProIT academy after completing theoretical and practical sessions. Our Certification is globally recognized. The certification enhances your resume and gives you the opportunity to get leading job posts in a number of MNCs around the world. We provide certifications only after completing an onsite training course and a practical project.

After attending our AngularJS training, trainees will receive a certification from ProIT academy. Our AngularJS certification training is among the most widely recognized in the world. As a professional AngularJS expert, it adds to your credentials. AngularJS specialists in the leading IT firms today earn a substantial amount of money as AngularJS experts.

Companies around the world have accredited ProIT Academy certifications. The Certification at ProIT academy is recognized worldwide after completing both theoretical and practical sessions. Freshers and corporate trainees are both eligible for the Certification. Obtaining this Certification will boost the value of your resume, and you will be able to get hired for leading jobs at leading MNCs. Training and practical based projects must be completed before the Certification is granted.

You will learn how to design single-page applications and use Angular to facilitate their development through this Angular training in Pune. It covers the concepts of TypeScript, Bootstrap Grid System, dependency injections, SPA, forms, pipes, promises, observables, class testing, and Angular frameworks like promises and observables.


Certifications are meant to validate your skill as an Angular Developer. After passing the exam, certified developers can use their results as references when applying for jobs.

Angular developers taking our exam will be recognized for their skills and will be able to advance in their careers.


Angular, TypeScript, and JavaScript questions in a 25-minute test.

No retaking of the test is allowed—the test is taken in one sitting.

At least 70% of the questions must be answered correctly. There are no other requirements. There are two more steps in level 2.


Develop Angular applications that follow a given specification.

HTML and CSS are provided in their entirety. All you need to do is enhance the architecture with AngularJS.

Before you move on to the next, an expert will validate your code.


An Angular expert reviews the application built-in step #2 during the final video interview.

The architecture of your application should be discussed for a maximum of twenty to twenty-five minutes.

The expert will provide you with some feedback after the interview and let you know the final outcome.

Angular Course Curriculum


Training on Angular in Pune is suited for UI developers, technical project managers, full-stack web developers, quality assurance specialists, architects, and anyone else who is interested in understanding and using the concepts of Angular.

Required prerequisites

Taking this Angular Training in Pune does not require any prior experience.

We offer an Angular Certification Training that aims to meet the following objectives:

After completing the Ethans Angular training in Pune:

  • Developing Web Applications – Understanding Architecture
  • Create components for Angular using TypeScript
  • Be familiar with Dependency Injection (DI)
  • DOM manipulations and interactions
  • Design an extensible web-based application
  • Develop your application’s test cases
How to unlock the certificate for ProIT Academy?

Using a classroom:

Angular Certification Course – Complete one complete batch

All projects must be successfully completed and evaluated

Self-study online:

Successfully completed 85% of Angular Certification Training

All projects must be successfully completed and evaluated

Improve your career prospects by acquiring skills

  • Develop job-ready skills with a cutting-edge curriculum designed with help from industry and academia
  • Choose an expert within their field instead of an out-of-touch trainer
  • Session leaders will share their experiences and share current best practices based on case studies.
  • Solving real-life problems allows you to learn
  • Students use real-world data sets in capstone projects while using virtual labs to gain hands-on experience
  • The guidance that ensures learning never stops
  • A 24/7 mentorship program and a community of like-minded peers to help with conceptual doubts.
Key features of Angular Certification
  • Guaranteed money back
  • Students will complete three projects based on their industry and 12 quizzes
  • Choose a class that is right for you
  • An introductory course in JavaScript for free

Angular Certification: why take a course? Do online courses provide any benefits over offline courses?

ProIT academy has grown with the advancement of technology over the years. We’ve made our training modules more convenient and effective through the use of online training. Online learners can count on our support system to be available 24/7, even after classes are over. This is one of the determinants of ensuring that individuals achieve their learning goals. Additionally, we provide our learners with lifetime access to updated course materials. In addition, Angular developers are in high demand. About $113,069 per year is expected to be the average salary for an Angular Developer.

In the Angular certification program, You will learn the following topics :

  1. Using Angular to build web applications
  2. Writing TypeScript components for Angular
  3. Modularizing applications with Angular Router
  4. Designing responsive websites with Bootstrap
  5. The template and decorator system in Angular
  6. Injection of dependencies in Angular


ProIT academy provides Angular training tailored to industry benchmarks. We have curated our Angular Certification classes to make sure they are of the highest quality. Using the Angular training course, you will be able to develop responsive and dynamic web applications that are interactive, responsive, and dynamic. This course will teach you about Angular components, modules, animations, forms, directives and pipes, services and dependency injection (DI), HTTP and routing protocols, JWT authentication, and deploying applications using Nginx and Docker.

Angular’s certification course at ProIT academy teaches you how to design single-page applications and how to develop them using Angular. By studying for the Angular Certification, you will gain knowledge related to TypeScript, Bootstrap Grid System, dependency injection, SPA, forms, pipes, promises, observables, and Angular class testing.

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Is Angular easy to learn?

Angular serves as one of the increasingly popular front-end frameworks to create dynamic, adaptive applications for the web. It is maintained by Google and regarded for its adaptability, scalability, and robustness over time. The demand for Angular developers has increased as more companies shift their operations digitally.

In comparison, the learning curve for Angular is greater than for comparable JavaScript frameworks. However, anyone can learn Angular if they obtain the right training and practise.

Who can learn Angular?

Anyone may learn Angular if they are proficient in HTML and CSS, as well as  JavaScript.  Students, working professionals, and freelancers can all benefit from learning Angular.

Angular is well-liked because of its powerful features, such as two-way data binding, modularization, and dependency injection. Making complex applications is made simple for developers.

What is the average salary for Angular developers?

The average salary of Angular developer in India is reportedly around Rs. 8.3 lakhs annually, stated by Payscale.

What are the prerequisites of learning Angular?

It is advantageous to have a fundamental understanding of some technologies and concepts in order to study Angular efficiently. The following prerequisites can improve your learning experience:

  • To learn Angular, you should have basic knowledge and skills of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is necessary for the structure and interactivity of web pages.
  • Knowledge of TypeScript, a JavaScript extension used in the creation of Angular.
  • Understanding of basic Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts can make it simpler to understand the architecture and design patterns of Angular.
  • Understanding the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data format, which is frequently used in Angular apps.
  • Basics of the Command Line Interface (CLI): basic understanding of CLI is necessary because Angular CLI is utilised for project administration.
What will be the placement procedure after completing the training?

Every ProIT Academy student who completes the Angular training in Pune successfully receives placement support. Our expert placement cell can help you with job interviews, CV writing, and job search strategies.

What type of projects are included in this course?

With its preparation program, ProIT academy offers you the most up-to-date, relevant, and highly regarded certifiable exercises. You can actualize the discoveries that you have obtained as part of real industry arrangements. You will be tested on all of your abilities, knowledge, and common sense in every phase of qualification. You will have gained the equivalent of a half year of industry experience once you have effectively completed the tasks.

What is the future of the AngularJS course?

It is a platform used for developing applications for mobile devices as well as the web. Based on JavaScript, it can be used to create a Simple Page Application (SPA). With its improved capabilities, AngularJs is more powerful than before. The components of Angular have been improved and altered. An MVC framework has now been added to the framework. In summary, AngularJs is in for a bright future. AngularJs is the best option for those who know JavaScript or have experience with it. The opportunity to learn AngularJS is even available for JavaScript beginners. Therefore, try it as soon as you can!

What are the Job roles available for Angular professional?

As an Angular professional, you can take up various job roles such as Angular Developer, Front-end Developer, UI Developer, Web Developer, and Full Stack Developer, to name a few.

Do I need any previous experience to learn AngularJS?

A web application framework based on AngularJS. HTML templates are supported. As well as adding new features to HTML, it also lets developers develop applications. Before learning AngularJs, however, you should know the following:

  • HTML experience and knowledge for web applications
  • Working knowledge of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) paradigm is required
    • Experience with the Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Working knowledge of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript is required
  • Working knowledge of JavaScript, such as managing events, creating functions, and handling errors or bugs.
What are the benefits of learning Angular?

It has dominated the entire web market by offering a simplified and sophisticated way to manage code while completely changing the picture of developing a web-based application. Modern developers expect web apps to perform well and be responsive in order to satisfy their needs. Its popularity comes from the way it can make static Web pages more dynamic so that web designers can add more features. As Angular becomes more popular, the demand for Angular experts is increasing.

Angular is included in the MEAN stack. A MEAN stack is comprised of MongoDB, Angular, Express.js, and Node.js. Because all of these technologies make up MEAN stack uses Javascript for programming, meaning that clients-side and server-side code can be written in the same language. Angular is a framework maintained by Google and a community of experts that allows the rapid development of web applications.

How Much Practical Training Will I Get in Angular?

We are providing students with hands-on experience in Angular through our courseware. Students will attend theoretical sessions that cover the fundamentals of each module and then participate in intense practical sessions aimed at meeting current challenges and industry demands.

How long is the duration of the Angular course?

The duration of our Angular course is 5 months. However, we also offer a fast-track option for those who want to complete the course in a shorter duration.

Will I receive a certificate once the course is over?

Yes, you will obtain a certificate from ProIT Academy after successfully completing the Angular course in Pune.

What topics the Angular course will cover?

Our Angular course covers topics such as Angular Components, Directives, Pipes, Forms, Services, and Routing. The Angular CLI, Nginx, Docker, and Git tools will also be covered.

Can I take the Angular course even though I have never programmed before?

Yes, even if you have never programmed before, you may sign up for our Angular course. Both novices and experienced programmers can benefit from our course.

Is this a beginner-level course or is it more advanced?

Our Angular course is suitable for both beginners and experienced developers. We cover the basics of Angular and gradually move towards advanced concepts.

Does the course have any particular hardware or software requirements?

The Angular course does indeed have particular hardware and software prerequisites. The following are the prerequisites:


  • Computer with a least 4GB of RAM and ideally 8GB
  • Stable internet connection
  • Processor: Dual-core or greater processor

Operating System: Windows 7 or above, macOS, or Linux

Node.js: Latest stable version

Text Editor: Visual Studio Code or any preferred text editor

  Web Browser: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

 These requirements make sure that you have a good setting for learning and creating Angular   applications throughout the course. To effectively access course materials and participate in online sessions, you must have the required software installed and a dependable internet connection.

Will I be able to utilise Angular to build useful applications once the course is over?

Yes, you will get hands-on experience creating practical applications as part of our Angular course. In order to apply your knowledge in real-world situations, you will work on projects and practical exercises.

Is there a demo or trial version available for the Angular course?

Yes, we offer a demo session for our Angular course. If you would like to learn more about the course’s structure and content, you can attend the demo session. If you are satisfied with the demo, you can enroll in the Angular classes in Pune to access the full course content.

Can I transfer my enrollment to a different batch or session if needed?

Yes, we understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise that can affect your ability to attend the course. If you need to transfer your enrollment to a different batch or session, please contact our team, and we will assist you with the process.

Can I access the course materials and lessons after the course is finished?

Yes, even after the course is finished, you will still have access to the Angular course materials and lessons.

Is there any kind of ongoing support provided after the course completion?

Yes, we continue to support all of our students even after they complete the Angular course.

 You can get in touch with us if you have any concerns or inquiries.

Do the courses have any exams or assessments?

Yes, we conduct regular assessments and exams during the course to track your progress and understanding of the concepts.

Does the course have a refund policy if I am not satisfied with it?

Yes, there are certain terms and conditions. that apply to the refund policy.

Can I get a discount or a scholarship for this course?

Yes, we provide students who meet criteria with discounts. To learn more about this, kindly get in touch with us.   

What are the payment options for enrolling in the Angular course?

In order to make the process easier for our students, we provide a number of payment alternatives for our Angular course. The payment may be made using any of the methods that are listed below:

  • Online Credit/Debit card or net banking payments; 
  • Bank transfers
  • Cheque or Demand Draft

Once you confirm your enrollment, our team will provide you with the payment details and assist you with the payment process. Please note that it could take a few days for some payment methods, such as bank transfer and cheque, to appear in our account.

Do you offer job placement assistance or career guidance after completing the course?

Yes, after taking the Angular course, we help our students find jobs and provide career advice. You will receive help from our experienced staff in creating a professional CV and preparing for job interviews. We also collaborate with a number of businesses in the IT sector and let our students know about job possibilities. Please note, however, that job placement is not guaranteed and depends on a number of variables, including your qualifications, previous experience, and the current job market. If you’re interested, we can also offer counselling on starting a business and freelancing. Our goal is to help our enrolled candidates’ develop successful IT professions.

Can I interact with the instructor and ask questions during the course?

Yes, absolutely! We believe in providing personalized attention to our students and our instructors are always available to answer your questions and clear your doubts during the course. Live sessions, chat rooms, and email communication are all ways you can communicate with them.

Will I receive hands-on experience with Angular through practical exercises and projects?

Yes, definitely. Students will gain practical experience with our Angular course. Throughout the course, you will work on projects and practical exercises to better understand Angular and its real-world applications.

Are there any specific software development methodologies or best practices covered in the course?

Yes, in our Angular course, we discuss a variety of software development approaches and best practises. To become a skilled Angular developer, we believe it is crucial to comprehend these techniques and practises. Agile development principles, Test-Driven Development (TDD), and Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) are the topics we will be covering in this course.

What is the average class size for the Angular course?

Our small class size ensures that each student receives individualised attention and is able to interact effectively with the instructor. The average class size for our Angular course is around 20 students.

How can I enroll in the Angular course and what is the enrollment process?

Enrolling in our Angular course is simple. To express your interest in the course, please visit our website and complete the enrolment form. A member of our staff will contact you to go through the details of the course and answer any questions you may have. You can use one of our payment options after confirming your enrollment.

Are there any prerequisites for receiving the course completion certificate?

Yes, to receive the course completion certificate, you must meet the following prerequisites:

  • Attend all the live sessions and complete all the assignments and projects
  • Complete the course within the allotted time frame
This angular training in Pune is designed to help you learn the basics of Angular.

The Angular training in Pune will help you grasp and master concepts such as single-page web application development, dependency injection, typescript, components, directives, model-view-controller, and many more.

Training in Angular can be easily understood and can lead to robust applications for projects of any scale. The Angular framework uses TypeScript and is much faster than AngularJS, as well as more mobile-friendly.


You will comprehend the following things after attending the Angular Training in Pune:

  1. Gain an understanding of how single-page applications are designed and how Angular can facilitate the creation of them
  2. Angular architecture is understood
  3. TypeScript support
  4. Work with data binding, components, and directives
  5. Inject services and dependencies
  6. Model-driven forms must be created and validated
  7. Use Model-View-Controllers (MVC)
  8. Observables, routing, and pipes are used with HTTP
  9. Using custom pipelines and directives
  10. Test all units
  11. Angular CLI is recommended
  12. Using Bootstrap, create attractive user interfaces
What project will you work on during your Angular training?

Project: Website Menu Design

Industry: E-commerce

Problem Statement: How can responsive menus be designed for an e-commerce site using Angular?

You will be designing a product menu for an e-commerce company in this Angular project. Angular allows HTML to be extended. In this project, you will deploy excellent Angular features for creating a responsive web design with minimal coding.


  • Designing responsive websites with Bootstrap
  • User-defined events for the DOM
  • Regulating dependencies with dependency injection
How do you benefit from taking up this Angular training course?

There are many advantages to building dynamic web applications with Angular, including their simplicity and structure. Due to its lesser coding, use of the HTML framework as the underlying template, and ability to extend its syntax and reach, it is easier to maintain and extend. The ease with which MVC components can be integrated into Angular makes it so popular. In this Angular certification course, you will learn to apply Angular in the real world by applying it to real-life projects. In this way, you will be well-equipped for real-world employment after completing the Angular training.

How will Angular evolve in the future?

Web applications can be built based on various frameworks on the market. Because of its versatility, Angular dominates the market. It provides a solution to develop robust web apps that function smoothly. As a result, we can assume that Angular will continue to dominate the market. Since Angular is dominating the market, the need for skilled developers will also increase.

How does ProIT academy provide training?

We offer classroom training at ProIT academy. ProIT academy offers corporate training to organizations so that their workforces can be upskilled. Intellipaat’s trainers have more than 12 years of relevant industry experience, and they have been consulting activities in the same domain, making them subject matter experts. Browse the samples to get an overview of our trainers’ capabilities.

Nothing stops you from learning

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