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"What am I going to do after B. Tech?" is a typical concern among engineering students and fresh graduates. Many engineering students and fresh graduates have trouble deciding what they want to do with their future. Many opportunities exist in the world that you may not be aware of. Everyone has goals and plans, and these thoughts should drive them in deciding what they want to do with their careers.
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“What am I going to do after B. Tech?” is a typical concern among engineering students and fresh graduates. Many engineering students and fresh graduates have trouble deciding what they want to do with their future. Many opportunities exist in the world that you may not be aware of. Everyone has goals and plans, and these thoughts should drive them in deciding what they want to do with their careers. To pick the ideal path after completing B. Tech, one needs first to become familiar with all the options. This is the moment to think about where you want to go and how you will get there. So, in this post, we have compiled a list of the best options for what to do after B. Tech Computer Science.

Campus Placements

Campus placements are a fantastic option if you decide to pursue an engineering degree because most good universities/colleges are competent and give excellent placement possibilities. You may apply for a variety of internships on campus, but you must prepare ahead and be excited about them. You can also apply for jobs that interest you while still considering your bachelor’s degree. For the campus interview, prepare your cover letter, resume, and academic qualifications many days ahead of time. Start practicing for aptitude exams, mock interviews, and group discussions. Research the recruiting firm and learn everything you can about it. Students who excel throughout their college years are rewarded with well-paying jobs with excellent benefits.

Specialization in M. Tech. or MS programs

When choosing what to study after B. Tech, M. Tech., or MS programs in the field in which you wish to advance and succeed are options to consider. Specialization will provide you an edge over your competition in the future, especially during the recruiting and selection process. You must take the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) if you want to study M. Tech at top engineering institutes like the Indian Institutes of Technology ( IITs), National Institutes of Technology(NITs), Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs), and Centrally Funded Technical Institutes (CFTIs). On the other hand, private colleges and a few states provide post-graduate engineering degrees with their entrance exams such as the Post Graduate Common Entrance Test(PGCET).

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Interested In MBA

Have you started to be concerned if engineering is the right path for you? Then you should think about your post-B. Tech career options. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is India’s most popular degree program, with young graduates interested in careers in HR, Marketing Services, Sales, and a variety of other fields. You may need to sharpen up your managerial skills to improve your career. For admission to the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and other prominent universities, the Common Admission Test (CAT) is the most popular entrance exam.

Look For An Internship Opportunity

An internship can help you get a jump start on your career by providing you with real-world job experience. Internships allow you to put what you’ve learned in your degree programs into practice. It can also help you obtain professional experience, improve your portfolio, and increase your self-confidence. Apart from that, the most crucial benefit of internships is the chance to broaden your network, and having a network of industry experts may help you obtain your dream job as a new graduate. To discover internships, go to a possible employer’s website, send cold emails, go to job fairs, or search online job boards.

Job Ready – Certification or Certificate Courses

If you want to work in technology after pursuing your B. Tech yet are undecided, Certification or certificate courses are a good option if you don’t want to go to college or an institution to earn a professional degree. Short-term courses will provide you with a level of knowledge and competence, and they may be one of the answers to your problems about what to do after B.Tech. Web Technologies, Web / Desktop Application Development, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Ethical Hacking, Mobile Application Development, Cloud computing, Data Analytics, Software Testing, SAP, and other technologies are covered in professional courses. The great majority of these courses are career-oriented, intending to help you advance your professional abilities.

Ph.D.—The Highest Academic Degree For An Academician, And Research

If you wish to learn more about the discoveries and achievements in your engineering profession or any other discipline, you can do research and study for a Ph.D. of your choice. You have a lot of research options if you have a lot of unique and great ideas. Check out the most current research projects to determine whether they’re a good fit for you. You can also seek assistance from your mentors and lecturers on how to best pursue these research programs. Keep in mind, though, that research takes a lot of time and work, and that success isn’t always assured, much like a minimum compensation structure.

Study Abroad- To Advance Your Career

Many students’ wish lists include the opportunity to pursue their education overseas. It is widely known that foreign colleges offer better and more accessible facilities than Indian institutions. Going abroad is the ideal option if you want to learn about or even experience a new culture while studying. While you are researching what can we do after B. Tech, look into the numerous research and development courses offered across the world. Make a list of diploma or Full Time / Part Time courses, colleges, and institutions in the country you plan to visit that you might be interested in applying to. Many colleges and universities even provide admissions counseling to help students with their overseas applications. Examine your eligibility to discover if you fulfill the standards or if you need to take any further measures to do so. Scholarships are available to students who qualify for full or partial financial assistance. Fill out a scholarship program for each one that is available. Exams such as the GRE, TOEFL, and others are usually required, so be ready.

For Rewards And A More Secure Future- Crack UPSC Civil Service Exam

The Civil Service Exam, which leads to a professional position in government administration, is one of our country’s most rigorous and demanding examinations. If you believe a government profession will provide you with better perks and a more secure future, you should begin studying for the UPSC Civil Service Exams (CSE) after completing your B. Tech in Computer Science. Following that, depending on your score, you can apply for government jobs. 

If you are interested in a variety of government positions, UPSC CSE is a great option. If you’re interested in engineering or technical employment, such as the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Revenue Service (IRS), or Indian Police Service (IPS), Civil Engineering Services is the best option to go. You will face tough competition, but if you have an optimistic attitude, you’ll be able to achieve your goals. You will be qualified for several government engineering professions if you pass these exams. You can pick which UPSC CSE to take based on your interests and career goals. You will be interviewed after the examination, and you must pass both the interview and the rigorous training.

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Join Indian Armed Forces

Indian Army is one of the most well-known professions in the country. Joining the Indian Armed Forces may be a good fit for you if you are passionate about serving your country and want a challenging career. Take advantage of this opportunity to join the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, or any other branch of the armed forces. Each wing has its own set of prerequisites and selection criteria. Defense employees receive first-rate facilities as well as competitive compensation. As a result, a profession would give you financial security while also allowing you to pursue your dream of serving your nation. After completing your B. Tech, you can take the NDA Entrance Test conducted by UPSC or the AFCAT.

Become An Entrepreneur – Be Your Boss 

With many startups’ recent successes, starting your own business may be a fantastic choice — particularly if you have a strong desire to do so. This is one choice after B. Tech that will allow you to self-select your views and thoughts. This journey, however, is not without its difficulties, and beginning a business needs a great degree of dedication, patience, and the ability to persevere through difficult conditions and ups and downs. Furthermore, success will necessitate certain financial resources. Many private equity firms promote student-led startups, so you might be able to get some funding from them if you have a solid business proposal. Before deciding, make sure you carefully consider the upsides and downsides of this choice.

Make A Career From Hobby 

If nothing else piques your interest as much as your hobby, it’s time to make it a career. There’s no need to waste time thinking about what to do after B. Tech if you are serious about pursuing your hobby. With the growth of social media platforms, now is an excellent moment to evaluate if your pastime can be pursued full-time while still providing a source of income. The reality is that establishing oneself and attracting attention will be more challenging. You will also be able to pursue and achieve your milestones.


However, it is a fantastic job that is well worth the time and work. Teaching has the constraint of requiring a high degree of competition as well as a substantial amount of responsibility and effort. To become a professor, one might undertake the UGC NET or the CSIR NET exams. Some of the examinations needed to teach in government schools include the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) and the state-run Teachers Eligibility Test (TET).

Other Career Options

A person with a creative mind and brilliant ideas might make a name for themselves in the advertising and media industries. Animation, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designer, etc., which are growing increasingly popular, are other professions to investigate. These are only a handful of the career options open to you after graduation, but each one is distinct.

The list above has a couple of good engineering career opportunities. We hope it helps you figure out “what to do after engineering?” or ” after B. Tech in computer science what to do? Or “what can we do after B. Tech?” or “what to study after B. Tech?” Before determining which path to choose after graduation, all young minds considering what to do after engineering should consider the long it will take and the level of difficulty.

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Choose the one that best suits your needs and personality. You won’t have to worry about what you will do once you have completed your B.Tech. 

Defining your goal will assist you in achieving professional success.

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