Spoken English Classes in Pune

Pro IT Academy offers the best Spoken English Coaching in Pune for novice and experienced ones who want to become fluent and confident in English communication. With expert trainers and comprehensive course material, we ensure a nurturing environment that caters to individual learning needs and enhances overall language proficiency.

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Spoken English Classes in Pune

ProIT Academy’s Spoken English Course in Pune is designed to empower individuals with the confidence and skills needed to excel in English communication. Our expert instructors provide personalized guidance, focusing on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversation practice. Unlock your full potential in the English language today.

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Beginners English Course Overview

Under this English Speaking Course for Beginners programme, all the enrolled candidates will first get to know the basics of English, covering topics such as parts of speech, articles, tenses, prepositions, modals, active and passive voices, narration, letters, essays, etc. Following that, you will be taught how to correctly pronounce the letters in order to make a good impression on your surroundings. Following that, the participants will be taught how to start a basic conversation with others around them, how to say simple greetings such as “Hello,” “Nice to Meet You,” “It was Pleasant Meeting with You,” “Thank you for the Favor,” “How are You?”,” and plenty of other English words to improve their word power.


Once you master these basic grammatical rules and English words, it will be much simpler for you to acquire new English rules in the future! 

English proficiency opens the door to admission to the world’s top colleges and universities. There is no wrong in saying that learning anything has never been an easy task, it takes plenty of dedication, time, commitments and efforts. 

Intermediate English Course Overview

Improve your command of the English language by studying it. This English-speaking advanced course is intended to provide students with the ability to comprehend and communicate effectively in English in various settings, including the home, day-to-day activities, and professional settings. ProIT Academy provides English lessons both in group and individual settings. ProIT Academy provides a wide variety of advanced spoken English classes to meet the requirements of its students, regardless of whether they are complete novices interested in learning a new language or seasoned speakers looking to brush up on their skills.

The Goal of This English Language Course

  • To help people feel more comfortable talking at work and in their personal lives.
  • To help people who already know a fair amount of the language speak it better.
  • For students to be able to learn how to say English sounds.
  • To help students improve their reading skills so they can skim a rewritten text to find the main idea.
  • To improve the students’ writing skills so that they can respond to someone about something related to a task that has been given.
  • To improve the students’ listening skills to understand and use the information they hear.
  • To help students improve their speaking skills so they can use general, social, and professional language to a satisfactory level.
  • To improve the students’ general skills to the point where they can use English in their academic and professional lives (within the framework of breakthrough level).

Intermediate English Course :

This course is for students who want to speak English more confidently but need to improve their vocabulary and pronunciation. The correct use of prepositions, adjectives, adverbs, and tenses will be emphasised. At the intermediate level of Speaking English, When you learn the basics of a language, you can follow along with a conversation about anything (job, education, leisure, travel, etc.). You can write simple, linked sentences, discuss your experiences, and explain your ideas and plans.


Why Should You Learn Advanced English?

 If your English is already at an intermediate level, there are numerous things you can do. Why, then, should you keep learning to reach a higher level?

You are an “independent user” if you are at the intermediate level. This implies that you can comprehend the key ideas when you read, communicate properly, interact with others without difficulty, and write clearly.

Why is English required?
  • Do you hesitate while speaking in English?
  • Do you feel less confident while speaking to your friends or colleagues?
  • Do you experience low regard while conveying your thoughts?
  • Do you have a fear of rejection due to poor communication skills?
  • Do you feel embarrassed around your clients?
  • Do you have less word-power?
  • Incorrect grammar seems like a hurdle.
  • Do the people around you make fun of your poor English?
  • Do you have a stage-free pregnancy due to poor communication?

If your answer is Big YES! Then our Basic English Learning Course is ideal for you if you have little or no English background. All the chapters under our Basic English speaking Course for Beginners will help you a lot and you will be able to communicate pretty well in no time.

So, go through the Course list now and Begin Speaking English!
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What you will be going to learn in our English Courses?

Course Detail (Beginner level)

With us, you will learn how to talk, pronounce, and speak English, talk about people and personalities, and plenty more!

 Level 1​

This course is mainly for beginner-level candidates who want to practice and are fond of learning Basic English. Under level 1, the Beginner level, candidates will get to learn Basic English speaking. The Level 1 course will help all the learners develop confidence and self-esteem when talking with native speakers about several day-to-day topics.

Post completion of Level 1 of our English Speaking course, all the enrolled learners will be able to:

  • Frame and address clear, routine, and predictable questions about commonly understood subjects.
    • Follow simple instructions in a setting that is appropriate to you.
    • Create a vocabulary about different common day-to-day topics to express themselves more clearly.
    • Level 1 mainly focuses on the topics of meeting new
    people, greetings, casual talks, day-to-day work, and reasons to learn English, the ups and downs of their lives, hobbies, and feelings.

Level 2​

This course is for all the learners who are highly dedicated to improve their Basic English speaking skills. Under the Level 2 course of English speaking, the learners will be able to communicate basic skills with less help or support. The enrolled learners will be able to develop their speaking skills to follow simple conversations.

Post completion of Level 2 of our English Speaking course, all the enrolled learners will be able to:

  • Communicate in short, routine conversations about their needs, personal lives, and surroundings in a much more efficient way.
    • Enquire and revert to easy questions.
    • Explain or elaborate situations of personal relevance in a much easier and smoother way.
    • Create an adequate vocabulary for everyday or daily communication.
    • can communicate confidently with PRO English speakers
    • Confidently communicate with friends, colleagues, tutors, etc.
Level 3​

Level 3 of the English Speaking Course has been designed for all the learners who have mastered basic language proficiency and are working on developing intermediate conversational skills. Under Level 3, the learners will refine their ability to communicate their basic needs and satisfy all of their requirements.

Post completion of Level 3 of our English Speaking course, all the enrolled learners will be able to:

  • Beautifully communicate with high confidence about familiar topics.
    • Take part in common social exchanges with some commitment.
    • Show relatively fluent communication skills.
    • Watch Hollywood base films without feeling any language barrier.
    • Figure out the main point during the debate or group discussions in a very short time.

Whether you’re a seasoned English speaker or new to the language, learning how to speak English is never easy. If you are struggling and find speaking English difficult, then our English Speaking Course for Beginners is your one-stop solution.

What Will You Learn In Advanced English Speaking Course?

The Advanced English Course is best for people who can speak, read, understand, and write average English and want to improve. This training helps you learn new words, put them together correctly, improve your reading and understanding, and improve your English skills.

This specialisation focuses on the listening and speaking skills of students who don’t speak English as their first language and need to do well in colleges and universities where English is the main language. Native English-speaking students who want to improve their chances of doing well in college courses will benefit from improving their ability to understand what they hear.

You will learn to pay more attention in class and take better notes. You will also improve at speaking, which will help you with class discussions and presentations. In the capstone, you will make a video presentation about a subject from school.


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How do you learn Basic English?

There are loads of proven ways to write, learn, and speak English. Dear candidates, we have made loads of English learning resources, and we explore them in our classes. However, we strongly believe that the best and sure-shot way to learn Basic English is from our highly professional and qualified faculty!

Our English-speaking courses for beginners in Pune give you the perfect blend of well-organized learning structure and regular practice.


BASE of Speaking English for Beginners

Most of the English learners’ dreams are to communicate well in English. If this is one of your goals, it is important to know the balance between the four major skills required to learn English quickly, i.e., listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

  1. Listening: Paying attention to the sounds: Understanding, Interpreting, and Implementing
  2. Speaking: Verbally expressing your emotions through expression, presentation, and self-representation.
  3. Reading: The Talent of Reading: Speed, Accuracy, and Passion
  4. Writing: The Talent of Writing: Speed, Presentation, and Exploration


Follow the BASE to make yourself well-versed in any Language!


Your Language, Your Rules

  • Our English Speaking Course for Beginners is broken into weeks, tasks, and steps to keep track of your learning.
  • With us, you can make your English proficient through a blend of long- and short-form articles, speeches, video and audio, and several practical activities like debates and group discussions.
  • Stay updated by keeping track of your step completion and assessment scores on a regular basis.
What are the proven methods for learning English?

If you are looking to enhance you’re listening and speaking skills in general, why not give the process a try? Here are some ways through which learners can learn English:


  1. Jot down a new word.

Whenever you encounter or hear a new creative word, simply write it. This will surely save your precious time and in future you don’t require to Google it. By joining our classroom program, you get to learn thousands of new words for sure!


  1. Write and read.

Many people enjoy reading, and this is a great way to get your head around the language. You can start with activities like reading books or watching television shows. Beginners can also join our high-quality English Speaking Course for Beginners.


  1. Chit-chat with Friends/Colleagues

The more you speak, the more you learn. Move out and begin talking with native speakers, or you can enroll in an English-speaking course in Pune and take classes online.


  1. Ask Questions

Don’t just sit on your doubts: be curious, be eager, be energetic, and resolve them! Get yourself enrolled in our English-speaking course and learn to speak English like a PRO under the supervision of our highly talented pedagogue.


  1. Learn through podcasts and stories.

One of the best and most proven methods to learn grammar is to listen to podcasts or short stories. Learning through short stories helps you improve your English grammar automatically.

What Do You Get After Course Completion?
  • Gain confidence to interact despite the distance.
  • Open Q&A sessions at the end of each class.
  • Able to Qualify Interview.
  • Learn to pronounce it perfectly.
  • Able to Speak English confidently.
  • Have immense knowledge of new words.
  • Add charisma to your personality.
  • Able to impress your friends, colleagues, clients, managers, etc.
  • Identify the language associated with everyday situations.
  • Develop confidence in the English language, which is helpful in different scenarios.
  • Able to communicate your daily conversations.
Why join ProIT Academy for Spoken English Course?

Whether you are working in the corporate sector or in business, efficient verbal communication has become a necessity for people’s professional lives. We are here to help people become better communicators and speakers of English. We assist you find better employment prospects at any stage by providing premium-quality English classes.

In Pune, we offer both offline and online English speaking courses for beginners. We are among the reputed institutes known for providing the best English-speaking courses in Pune.


Divert the attention of people from various languages, cultures, and backgrounds.

  1. Well-experience & proficient instructors
  2. Focused & discipline environment
  3. Interactive sessions
  4. Counselling sessions conducted
  5. Test series and practice exams conducted
  6. Motivational / Inspirational sessions are also conducted
How Do You Learn Advanced English?

To reach an advanced English spoken level, you must put in time and practice. If you’re learning English and feel like you’ve reached a plateau or are just starting and want to know how to improve, here are some tips.

Techniques for Learning Advanced English


  • Read in English

Read a lot of books! If you want to learn advanced English, you have to learn to read well. Read articles, books, short stories, novels, and anything else that interests you.

Find 5–10 words in the text you don’t know and underline them as you read. Then, look up what these words mean and put them in your vocabulary notebook.


  • Speak As Much As Possible

Use English as often as you can to communicate. Speaking promotes confidence and fluency. Make friends with your classmates and set up coffee dates if you’re attending spoken English advanced classes so you can use English outside the classroom. Practice with native English speakers as well if you know any. 


  • Pay Attention to Native Speakers

Knowing how to converse in English is important, but listening carefully and understanding what the other person is saying is also very important. You can’t talk to someone if you don’t understand what they say.

You can listen online, which is a great thing about it. Watch TV shows, YouTube videos, or the news to improve your understanding of what you hear.


  • Write in A Journal

Writing in a journal is a simple way to learn advanced English. If you want to improve your English, write every day for 10 minutes and look at your progress after a month or two. Check for mistakes, see where you can improve, or change a sentence to use a new word you learned. You could also write in online chats, blogs, or forums. Writing to talk to people helps you get better at English in general.


  • Maintain A Vocabulary Notebook

Take a tiny notebook with you to record new words you learn. Organize information into grammar categories (such as nouns, adjectives, and verbs). It’s a fantastic method for picking up new, more complex words in the English language.

What Are The Best Ways To Learn English?

English is the most extensively studied second language in the world. There are more study resources at your hands, articles promising exclusive advice, and online networks to support you now than ever before. However, if you are looking for What Are The Best Methods To Learn English?

Here are our best techniques for learning English rapidly:


  • Immerse Yourself in the Language

Undoubtedly, the best way to learn English is to visit or live in a country where English is the main language. If you can’t go to an English-speaking country like Australia, the UK, Canada, or the US right now, you can still learn the language by learning as much English as possible. The “two ways every day” method is one way to do this. How can you use English every day in two different ways? Find English-language TV shows, songs, books, movies, videos, audiobooks, podcasts, recipes, and apps. Change how you practise English to get into the language without going abroad. When you go to an English-speaking country, you’ll be surprised at how much you already know about the language and culture.


  • Enrol in English Speaking Advanced Course

Taking advanced spoken English classes is a great way to learn English. This basic information will be a key part of your understanding and practice. Plus, you can choose the class level based on what you want to learn and how good you are at it. If you want to learn to talk in English for a planned trip, you can find a course just for that. There are also English classes for writing, reading, and international business. Depending on your goal, enrolling in a course that matches your goals can lead you to success.

Why an advanced English spoken level would improve your life?

However, there are 3 reasons why an advanced English spoken level would improve your life. 


  • Communication & Connection

With advanced English skills, you can interact more effectively.

When most of us work remotely or utilise social media, our English proficiency enables us to communicate with others around the globe, network, and generate new ideas. 


  • Personal Contentment

You can understand most of what you read or hear at the English-speaking advanced level. You can also confidently say what you think and feel and use the right words.

Your confidence grows as your English skills improve, and you feel more at ease using English. At that point, learning English can help you get a better job or start a new life. 


  • A More Successful Career

You can obtain a higher-paying job or a promotion if you possess English abilities. You have fewer opportunities to switch employment if your English abilities are inadequate.

With superior English skills, you can stay abreast of industry trends and new ideas and network with professionals from different countries. It is essential for scientists, engineers, and researchers to share ideas and best practices and to learn from others, but it is also necessary for other professions.

Nothing stops you from learning

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